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It is important to know who you are hiring, and why I have been successful with other people like you. Here are some of the reasons: 

This process is about you and your results. I market your property, not my image. 

Barbara Canada

Real Estate Specialist

  • I will communicate with you weekly – at a minimum. You can count on it. 
  • I think like a buyer and advise my sellers on specifically how to attract the right one.
  • I market the property where the buyers are looking – online. Newspaper and magazine ads no longer sell properties. My focus is on what works.
  • I believe in innovation and challenge the status quo always asking how I can do better.
  • I have taken the guesswork out of selling, by developing a proven system that sells homes. I track the results and share updates with you weekly.
  • I carefully listen to feedback and make rapid changes when needed.
  • I know what works and will provide you with honest advice – even if the advice is difficult to hear.
  • My integrity is based on delivering what I promise – and I am aware of that.
  • I want every client to be my client for life! You are my business, and your success is crucial to mine.

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